Istanbul-based self-taught photo artist, Seren Coşkun, became interested in photography in 2010 after borrowing her grandfather's film camera, an old Zenit 122, which was also the creator of her own childhood photographs. After developing her first few rolls, she could immediately relate to the nostalgic feeling of 35mm photography. The artist's observant, detail-oriented character has been reflecting on her style of photography. While capturing the secrecy in portraiture, it is easy to notice that nostalgia plays a significant role in creation of her photographs. "It's all about trying to hold on to a moment, and recall the feelings lived at that second." the artist states, and she adds "Sometimes the senses are waken  by a smell that feels familiar, sometimes by a tune or a taste. Photographs make us remember in a similar, but a more powerful way by visually stimulating our memory blocks." The artist describes her style of photography as 'conceptual' where different scenarios are captured with one-second frames. Behind every image, there is always a story, which alternates between each observer. The story is never fixed or revealed. "In my photography, I not only try to capture something visually pleasing but I also let the feelings rise to the surface. I'm hoping that my photography allows people enrich their emotions. Because emotions are nothing to be afraid of." 

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